Friday, December 10, 2010

Things I know

-if your 3 children are being very quiet in the bathroom expect mess, like perhaps toothpaste all over the benchtop.
-the fact that your child likes a food is no guarantee that they will eat it on any given day
-wobbly teeth can take forever to wobble all the way out
-changing a room around can invite new ways of playing in it and using the space
-it's hard not to get super excited about xmas when your children are
-when your toddler is having a vocabulary explosion remember that she will parrot almost everything that you say. Including the swear words.
-apparently you can never watch Toy Story 2 too many times.
-having no doubts about your decision to unschool is an amazing feeling
-the coffee I have after lunch is becoming a vital part of my afternoon coping skills.
-sometimes it's easier to write guest blog posts than it is to write for my own blog!

What do you know this week?

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