Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Play-from Mama's secret stash

We Play

It's no secret that I love to op(thrift)shop. Every so often I come across a cool toy that I think I will just stash away for later. For one of those times when everyone is bored and tetchy I'll have reserves to call on.

Today was one of those days and I remembered the $4 marble run that I picked up a few months ago in an op shop. I had to remember where I'd hidden it...


But I found it and it was a winner! I had to stay pretty close and supervise to make sure that Harper wasn't trying to eat the marbles (I gave Harper her dummy which as least lessened the likelihood of her putting anything else in her mouth while her mouth was full-but I kept an eye on her).


It's handy to have a few things stashed away in case of emergency-and it gives me an excuse to hit op shops and garage sales ;)

Come over to play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up


Marita said...

Emergency toys are fantastic. We've had a big toy cull recently and I hid a few old unplayed with toys in the emergency stash so that the girls can rediscover them again later.

Anonymous said...

I also sometimes hide stuff i pick up cheaply or secretly and - if i remember - can pull it out like from a head. it's really a valuable trick.

amandab said...

I recently noticed that my home-made marble run had been destroyed, so I really shoud try again and make a new one, thank you for the reminder :)

The Sunshine Crew said...

We love marble runs, too. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading your post. Hope that you will pop by my blog, too.

Raising a Happy Child said...

We have exactly same marble run (also from the garage sale). I have to pull it out some time after Christmas and see if daughter can assemble parts of it on her own now.

casso said...

We bought a wooden marble run two years ago for Christmas from Nova Toys but it's too delicate for Ted's little toddler hands which is a shame because he loves the marble run SO much.

So this year we found that same run you have online for cheap and have popped it aside for Christmas. I can't wait to see him excitedly able to play with it 'properly'.

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