Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Unless you avoid media and social contact you will have heard about the QLD floods happening at the moment.

I'm finding the whole thing overwhelming. So I can't even begin to fathom for a moment how it is affecting those living in flood affected areas.

This was going to be my first post back after my blog holiday, it was going to be about our trip. Our trip to Queensland.

I keep looking at images of destruction by the floods of places we actually drove through on the Gateway motorway not 2 weeks ago, images of areas that are only 45 minutes drive from my parents place and where I grew up and images of suburbs where people I went to school with live. Something about knowing this part of town intimately makes it seem so much more real and horrifying. I'm worrying about victims I actually know and hoping that my family are not directly affected.

The website to donate to the flood appeal is HERE

Hoping all those in Queensland are staying safe and getting the help they need.

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