Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simple pleasures

We've had a hugely busy week and I guess one of the most simple and wonderful pleasures of all is family and friends who you love to spend time with.

Here are some others

-Breastfeeding a toddler.


Not what everyone would call a pleasure but I feel really happy that I'm going to have made (and exceeded with the older 2) my goal of 2 years.

-Discovering an awesome podcast.

The Humans Being unschooling podcast is definitely worth a listen to anyone who is interested in the topic. The blog and website are great too.

-Being a guest blogger on a great website

Visit Natural Parents Network

I wrote an article about Attachment Parenting with older children earlier this month which was featured over at Natural Parents Network. I love that site and love being a part of it.


I got one today and now I'm on the computer! What a relaxing Sunday morning!

Hope your day is full of simple pleasures too


Anonymous said...

Hey Shae! Just to let you know i passed on the 'versatile blogger' award to you. You have probably had billions of these awards, but I love your blog...don't feel obligated to pass it on - i just wanted you to know! J

Kylie said...

I don't think I have visited your blog before, thanks for stopping by mine :-)

High Five to you for making the 2 years mark, it is an achievement isn't it. I am still going with my 3rd and he's just turned 2.5....that's longer than my other 2 put certainly makes for a wonderful bond between mother and child...I wish it would never have to end!!

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