Monday, January 17, 2011

Unschool Monday-Free to learn


If I was in the other 97% of the population that sends their children to school I'd be in all the last minute preparation for Tannah to start prep. There would be uniforms purchased, books covered and everything labeled. There would be much excitement.

But we're so very excited about NOT doing all that.

It feels so exciting to have all this freedom, all of this unlimited time and space and things to do without being hindered by a curriculum or school hours. All of this LIFE to learn from.

I trust that my children will learn-how can they not with all of their unlimited potential and choice and so many resources. I trust in my abilities as a Mother and as a supporter and aide to their learning. Unschooling is not something we are trying to see if it works out. This is our life.

Free to live and free to learn. It's so exciting.

I'm joining in with Owlet for Unschool Monday.


Lauren said...

Absolutely! I must admit my favourite part of going to school was book lists and stationary... but I do so love sleeping in and not making lunches and all the freedom that comes with our days. Awesome photo :) Our uniform tends to be naked with paint or pyjamas :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so excited about it too. If we were still in Qld, Kai would be due to start prep this term as well....
Here in Tassie his peers are gearing up to start Kinder, and in SA, where we are moving to in 6 weeks...I guess they call it 'Reception'...seriously - what's with all the different names!?
For us, we look forward to doing what we do, no uniforms, no timetable dictating what time we sleep or wake, and lots and lots of fun everyday!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Lauren - we must have typed the same thing at the same time!

bek said...

Earlier this week I got stuck in a queue in target behind a mum with three kids, all I'm guessing starting school. They were loaded with all the essentials, the uniforms and new school bags and new lunch boxes and drink bottles (one of the kids kept changing their minds and running up and ack with different drink bottles), shoes, clothes, books, stationary...

I eventually switched lines as it looked like they were going to be a while, and was very glad not to be doing that with Tao this year, I don't think I'd cope with the stress XD

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