Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simple pleasures-a visit to the creek

I drive past this little creek often and have been wanting to go and let the girls explore. Yesterday the sun was out, Luke was home and we had no plans. So we packed up a few things and went up for a look.

Tannah and Willow were keen to dip their feet in and check it out

Harper was happy to look on form the sideline

There were lots of little fishes and tadpoles to look at, as well as all the flora both in and out of the water.

We took some jars to catch some specimens in to observe up close (we let them all go)

And poor Luke was feasted on by a leech! This freaked the girls OUT. They were disturbed by the whole thing and fussed over their Dad, applying band aids to stop the bleeding (so much blood!)and checking in with him for ages after.

We had a lovely day. After some exploration we sat under a big shady tree and had a snack before leaving and we took the long way home and all 3 little nature enthusiasts were sound asleep within no time :)


katepickle said...

awesome fun!

I keep looking at the creek as we drive past it twice a day and thinking we should go have a play while it is still warm (ha! except for today!).... though the leeches put me off a little!

Kate said...

Awesome fun! Aside from the leech. Ick!

SquiggleMum said...

What a gorgeous spot. Just give the kids' ankles a good coating of RID to keep leeches away. We used to sprinkle salt on them when we were young (don't know if that's still recommended??)

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