Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I know

-watching Bear Grylls drink his own urine from a snake skin in Man Vs Wild can almost make 5 year old leave the room gagging
-watching Adam and Jamie blow stuff up on Mythbusters cab make the same 5 year old jump out of her chair and cheer.
-if you want to impress your children, grow multi coloured carrots!
-the phrase "I DO DAT!!" from your almost 2 year old can get way overused
-the T-Box (like tivo kinda) will only record the shows you want if you leave it switched on at the point.
-your husband can move the compost bin, but he may not want to talk about the experience
-snow globe V tiles. The tiles always win.
-I'm the guest blogger over at Eco Toys Blog today blogging about our journey to homeschooling.

Things I Know is now a link up! Come and add what you know this week.


katepickle said...

hmm that compost point has been curious... and somewhat scared of my curiosity!

Sarah said...

Totally have to agree with the Bear Grylls comment. Actually a lot of things that man does has that affect.


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