Monday, February 21, 2011

Unschool Monday-Cool discussions

We have been having some cool discussions of late, Tannah and I. I love the endless rabbit hole of her thirst for knowledge that can be stimulated from all kinds of places. Now, I'm not so closed minded to think that only school free children get lots of questions answered by their parents but I do think that we have a lot more time to discuss topics at length without the interruption of school.

This week we have started to get into the more nitty gritty stuff of reproduction. Tannah is fascinated by the fact that eggs exist for mammals but that their babies are not hatched from them at birth like in a reptile or a bird. This conversation came from the watching of a David Attenborough doco "Life Of Mammals" (which I cannot recommend enough-the whole "Life of.."series is awesome!)where there was footage of whales mating. Since then there has been a lot of questions about eggs and sperm and mating and the difference between reptiles etc. I'm off to source some books from the library this week on the topic and see what she does with them.

Tannah has wanted a "pink stripe" in her hair for a while and we made that happen this weekend. She is thrilled with the result.
This led to talks about hair pigment and genetics.

And Monday nights. The night of Mythbusters and Man Vs Wild. Gosh how Tannah LOVES these shows! I don't have the time or the space to even go into all the conversations that have stemmed from these shows. Just tonight we discussed digestive systems after watching Bear Grylls pull a dead sheep apart and the discussion of a "One Inch Punch" by Jamie and Adam led to me getting the ruler out and discussing different measurements. I'm so glad I got over my TV phobia as we really have some great discussions started from all kinds of shows.

I'm really enjoying hearing her say "Mum, can you tell me about..."

I'm joining in with Owlet's Unschool Monday.


Lauren said...

Yep, documentaries always plant the seed for big owlet.Something I need to remember when I question what she's learning from so much screen time ;) Love the pink stripe!!

Jo said...

Same here - SO much learning from screen took me a while to let go of my TV issues too - but the questions, and even drawing and craft, that comes from watching movies and doco's is amazing!

I love the pink stripe too - i want one!

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