Monday, February 7, 2011

Unschool Monday-grateful

Not only would Tannah have started prep last week but Willow would have started 3 year old kinder as well. I must say it feels like a bit of a milestone for us that this would have been "the week" when our school life started and that we would have had 2 kids in the system.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

Instead this week we have plans for the library, the zoo, a catch up with friends, a day at the park with other school free families with some shopping and home time thrown in. Right now Harper is asleep and Tannah and Willow are making bead necklaces at the dining table while singing songs to each other.

I feel so grateful that we have chosen this path.

I feel 100% confident in our decision to lead an unschooling life. I have no second thoughts about not sending our children to school. I can't say enough how free it feels to have the world at our feet and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in it.

We're joining in with Owlet for Unschool Monday.


Christie said...

Hello! I'm Christie. Nice to meet you! ~Sounds wonderful! We unschool/homeschool too! Have for 7 years! Went from traditional method (hated it) to Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, and now mostly unschooling. I love the freedom we have too.
Nice blog!

Lauren said...

Brilliant isn't it? Every now and then I remember what my life might have been like... and breathe a sigh of relief :)

Jo said...

Great post Shae. We are also so grateful that firstly, we found out about unschooling (although i was always hoping to homeschool) and also that we were strong enough to follow our hearts and go with decision ever!

And i'm also grateful that through unschooling i've got to meet - both online and in 'real life' so many amazing unschooling mom's who are sharing the truly makes life a whole lot easier!

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