Thursday, March 3, 2011

There were three in the bed.....

We are a co-sleeping family. When I was pregnant with Willow we traded our king size bed for a queen and a double mattress on the floor. All 5 of us slept in there together until Tannah turned 5 and wanted her own bed in her own room. Willow decided she wanted to sleep in with her sister a few months ago. So Harper, Luke and I have been rolling around in the enormous bed. As much as I like space while I sleep it seemed a bit ridiculous.

So we put feelers out for someone willing to gift us an old cot mattress and (thanks Cath!) we now have a bed that looks like this


It sure is going to feel strange when it's just Luke and I in there in a few years when Harper leaves the bedroom too.

1 comment:

cate said...

I think my husband is looking forward to getting our bed back, too!

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