Friday, March 18, 2011

Things I know -the camping edition

We got back yesterday from 3 wonderful days camping (well "cabining" because we went upmarket this time)with a big group of home educating families. We went on the same camp last year and had a fantastic time again this year.

Here are some things I know about it...

-children love playing in the surf, despite the arctic temperature of the water.

-you will never regret packing a couple of extra outfits for the kids

-time to just do your own thing is highly underrated

-some kids never grow tired of being pushed on a swing

-you can form great friendships with people you only see every so often

-busy days make for easy bedtime

-sometimes I look at my firstborn and she takes my breath away with hoe grown up she is becoming

-if you put sunscreen on the kids put some on yourself. Parents are not immune from sunburn

-time spent away with my nearest and dearest always brings me joy

-sharing the story about the time 5 week old Tannah pooed so much it ended up in her hair always gets a laugh around the campfire

-the trip home is always easier because everyone is so tired that big sleeps in the car are inevitable!

I also know that I'm so committed to things I Know that I'm posting this before I get ready to jump on a plane!

Here is the linkup if you want to join in :)


Kate said...

Welcome home and bye again! Love the pics, looks like a great week :) Now go and have an awesome weekend!

Juniper said...

Looks like so much fun! Your girls are so cute (so are you!)

Leah said...

Love the KO pic :)

Inner PIckle said...

I'm in for next Thurs!! So fab to meet you. I'm going to love back-reading here. Hope you had fun last night!

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