Monday, March 14, 2011

Unschool Monday- the road to reading


Tannah is learning to read. Not in a structured kind of way but it's starting to come together.

Children are learning to read from the day they are born. Every time you read them a story or show them how to hold a book up the right way your child learns a little more. All of the letter writing in scribble and the nonsense words banged out on the keyboard are part of the experience too. School certainly fast tracks this and in the process it sucks the joy out of reading for a lot of kids. I will admit finding it hard to contain my impatience at wanting to share the joy of reading with my daughter. With my love of the written word it's been a struggle to just let her be and come to reading in her own time.

A lightbulb went off in Tannah's head a little while ago. She asked me to read part of a magazine to her and I was stirring something hot on the stove. I asked her to wait five minutes and I would sit down and read it for her. She pouted and said "why can't I just learn to read myself?" I told her she totally could.

This started a more keen interest in language and sounds that letters make. We've had a lot of "dog rhymes with log" conversations as well as "B is for balloon and boy and boat and..". There has been a lot more attempting at writing letters and heaps of pointing out letters she knows in day to day life. She has been really enjoying playing Starfall.I had a set of first readers stashed away and thought I'd see how she felt about those.

They are the kind that use sight words and can be read by the child simply by looking at the pictures and using repetitive sentences. A page might say "I am a dog" with a picture of a dog and the next page might say "I am in the kennel" with a picture of the dog in the kennel. These have DELIGHTED Tannah and made her very keen to read them over and over.

I need to contain myself and not push her and to let her discover reading at her own pace-but she's on her way!

Now I need her to be interested in listening to chapter books so I can red her Charlotte's Web out loud......

I'm playing along with Owlet for Unschool Monday :)


Christie - Childhood 101 said...

It is so exciting when they discover the joy which is learning to read. For me it has always been as exciting as when they first learn to roll over or take their first independent steps. So, so exciting!

Toushka Lee said...

Millar is doing that this rhymes with that thing. Mainly as a stalling tactic at dinner time. I find it hard to chose.. should I say, hey eat your veges or frog and dog and log. Or try to combine the two. What rhymes with zucchini?

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