Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facepaint and sausage sangers

This morning we were all a little antsy and bored. We had plans later in the day but had a couple of hours to kill. I was just about to put a DVD on for the kiddos and do some housework (I know, really) when I remembered that a local farmers market was on.

The sun was shining and I remembered Childhood 101's Get Outdoors challenge. I also remembered the awesome Yum Cha stall at said farmers market. We hastily got dressed and we were out the door.


There is so much to see and do at a farmers market. We had conversations with stall holders about a variety of topics including alpacas and the difference between a pony and a foal. There was face painting.

Sausage sangers and YUM CHA. Truly, Yum Cha at the market. So awesome.

There were ponies and chooks, ducks and dogs and loads of other kids running about the place. And home made lollies and rocky road. Ahem.

We had such a lovely time in the fresh air eating food, making new friends, running around and investigating and discovering new and exciting fruits and veggies.

And I scored a free 6 pack of sausages to take home. Which I might have cooked if my belly was not full of chicken spring roll.


Kat said...

looks like a great daya out- love the dragon facepaint!!

Marita said...

oooh where the Heidi Honey people there??? They make the best honey ever and not just because of the name :D

Kate said...

I really have to get over my fear of bolting toddlers and take my kids one day... I know I would love it and suspect they would too.

Love the facepaint :D

amandab said...

We love our local farmer's market too, but missed it this month as we ere kinda busy. We have free face painting and a jumping castle, and most of the stallholders know Miss 4 and chat to her, especially the cheese people. I, however, am merely the purse holder :D

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