Monday, April 18, 2011

Life learning happens in real life!


I'm writing this post as a reminder to myself. I have been working on a couple of guest blogs recently (big exciting ones wooooooo!)and have been saying things like "learning happens everywhere, even at the supermarket" blah blah blah *cough*.

It turns out it won't if I always leave the kids at home with their Dad while I go to the shops.

One of the advantages of having a shift working husband is that he is often at home during the day, making it really easy for me to duck out and do errands. Errands the kids ASK to come on and I tell them no. I'll admit it, it's MUCH easier for me to go to the shops without them. That and I can often sneak in a half strength latte while I'm out to enjoy without monitoring bubbacino to table ratios.

But I think there is a lot they could be getting out of these trips.

Without making myself a martyr who must take the children with her to learn things I think I can change my focus and make these jaunts to the shops more for everyone.

And if I take the kids when Luke is at work then there will be time for me to go for a walk on my own while he is home. Hmmmmm, this just gets better!

I'm joining in with Owlet for Unschool Monday


Lauren said...

Yes, I need to remember this too - especially with groceries... but the whinging gets me every time!! Deep breaths, hey? I must say though, when I get my head around it and resign myself to taking the girls along, we do have some great moments.

Leah said...

supermarkets should have something in common with china : a one child policy :D tho i am a bit of a lightweight, i find the two of them in the supermarket trying like nowhere else. tho now she's older and can be sent to fetch things i've forgotten, load up fruit and veg, etc, it's a lot better, having a job cuts down on the interrupting-my-concentration chatter.

a walk and learning kids are worth it tho :)

Jo said...

Sadly with Brett out at work 9-5 hours, i very rarely get to go to the shops alone!

I did on Saturday, and it was fantastic....op shops, coffee shops...whoo!!

Yes, absolutely agree that learning happens at the shops, but when mum is a frazzled madwoman and child is demanding...(xxx - chocolate, toy, milk, fill in the blank!), i'm not sure i'm in much of head space to appreciate it, or take advantage of it!!!

Marita said...

I had a great time with Annie at the local shopping centre food court about a year ago. We did a survey of all the food outlets, which were healthy and unhealthy and which gave away free kids toys with the meals.

Interestingly when we made a graph about it at home, it was the unhealthy places who gave out toys, not the healthy ones.

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