Thursday, April 14, 2011

My biggest girl is SIX!


I can't help but be emo at my biggest girl getting bigger-I mean what happened to this baby huh?

I have shed my tears this week over her birth and it's effects, like every year. and I have appreciated all of the virtual hugs I've received from those who know how it was for me in the early days. But this year I look at my beautiful girl and my heart swells up so much with love and pride and I'm so grateful to her for all she has taught me.


Sometimes I look at her or hear her speak and I almost can't believe that I am the Mama of a child of her age! I'm constantly moved by her kindness and sensitivity, I'm proud of her determination and spunk and I'm so excited about watching her grow up and make sense of the world around her.


Tannah has really blossomed over the last year and come into her own. I'm still so glad she is our Tans and I'm honored to be her Mama.

Happy birthday babe. Not enough words for how much I love you.


Sif said...

Happy 6th Birthday T!

I'm always somehow shocked at how dark her hair is, LOL. She's growing up fast (I love this age, btw, their minds are fascinating at this age!)...

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Happy Birthday big girl... I miss 6 year olds. I really really do.

Deborah said...

She's a beautiful girl. Hope her birthday is happy. Lovely

Leah said...

look at baby Tannah, could she be any cuter? Lovely post and pix for you awesome girl :)

Veronica said...

Kids grow up way too fast.

Happy Birthday to her!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Tannah Banana!! So privileged to be watching you grow up <3

katepickle said...

Happy Birthing Day wonderful, inspirational, fabulous, funny Mamma.

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