Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I Know-the sleepover edition

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Right now I have 4 extra kids in my house for a sleepover. They are kids who are near and dear to me that I have known since Tannah was just 6 months old. Their Mamas are my favorite and you probably read their blogs- Picklebums, Kate says Stuff and Bogue Living.

Here is what I know about sleepovers so far


-don't tell your child that TODAY is sleepover day until the guests are walking up your driveway. Unless you enjoy being asked "Is it time NOW?" a million times and appreciate the dulcet tones of *huge sigh* "It's taking FOREVER"

-having a craft activity that requires no preparation is worth every cent

-dobbing is always appreciated when babies are drawing on things they shouldn't be


-getting 7 girls to be still for a photo is not easy, if not impossible

-it's kinda nice to think your friends trust you enough to take care of their kids

-Play School is STUPID and for BABIES

-Having a born leader in the group takes the pressure off me nicely! Thanks Aussie for keeping everyone in line!


-Enormous beds on the floor and late night screenings of Bindi the Jungle Girl are irresistible to even the bounciest of kids at 10pm

-I'm doing this post tonight because I know I won't have a hope in the morning!


Kate said...

Fun times :D Thanks for having our precious (noisy) girls! xox

Cate said...

love that the photos are all blurry!! They look like they're having a blast! You are soooo brave (no I don't fancy your chances of getting any sleep) :-)

Marita said...

The girls look like they are having a great time. What wonderful fun memories they will have :)

Becky said...

Oh wow! You are one brave, amazing mumma! It sure looks like there is lots of fun happening :)

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

How come I've never seen your blog before - it looks so great! Following now :O) Love sleepovers. My three pinks are still to young (well apart from having them in each other's rooms that is). Looking forward to following along. Caz

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