Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know I'm a blogger

It has occurred to me that I do things a little differently now I'm in the blog world more than just chucking a few words up every so often..

Now I

-set up some play and art scenarios for the kids to enjoy.....and for me to photograph and blog about

-my kids know how to take a "just pretend I'm not here and go back to what you are doing" shot of said play or art

-the kids ask "is this going on your blog Mum?" about said photo

-I refer to people by their twitter handle even when I know their name.

-If you say a day of the week I can probably tell you a meme that falls on that day

-my google reader has a scary amount of blogs in it

-I "know" other bloggers that I've met only a couple of times in the real world

-I do a little fist pump when my monthly stats reach a new high number

-I get excited to see another blog when it's relaunched with a new look

-I have a notepad that I jot down post ideas when I think of them

-my husband asks what keyword searches have found my blog lately (we have been very amused by "my tiny house is a shitfight", "homethings dildo" and "what does it mean when he says cracks the shits at me?")

-you write blog posts about blogging

How is it you know you are a blogger??


Marita said...

Annie talks about my blog now as a normal everyday part of our life.

I never leave home without a camera (yay iPhone), every moment is blog content that may never get written about.

I also have a twitter feed running inside my head and only about .05% of what I think actually gets tweeted.

Sazz said...


I base major life decisions on weather they're worth blogging about/creating a new blog for ;)

I'm rarely referred to by my IRL name.

Jessica said...

Oh i can so relate to some of them...but can add "dont you dare put that on the blog" from the kids as well!

Lulu said...

All very true. Can totally relate!

I think you know you are a blogger when you tell yourself "gotta remember to blog that"

Have had a twitter account for ages but have only just started using it more- jumped over from there (but would of read your post later in my reader as well!)

Deborah said...

We've probably created a whole generation of kids who'll need therapy because of their mummy bloggers.

Kate said...

I'm a stats strumpet. I don't mean to be, but I am. I do the air punch too lol, and love checking out where people have come from.

And if I don't have a few posts scheduled for the days the supertrucker is home it stresses me out a little ;)

Paige said...

I know exactly what you mean! When I cook up something really awesome my husband asks, "Do you need to take a pic for your blog before we dig in?"

-From Paige over at the

Sif said...

My conversations with people are peppered with "I'll be blogging about that" and "That'd make a great blog title"...

My kids ask me to blog things they've made, or are doing - and often I refuse because I've already got something I NEED to blog...

I keep telling people, "You really need to start a blog, people would love to read about that!".

Jo said...

I have to remember to ask other mom's if they mind me putting pics of their kids on the blog at play dates...

Nana is always asking if i've updated the blog with new pictures of her grandson!! (i'm not entirely sure she reads much of the written word!)

bek said...

Not a Blogger, but can relate to the amusing keyword search results ;)

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