Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I Know

Happy Friday and welcome to the Things I Know linkup! If you want to play along add your link at the bottom and don't forget to link back to me :)

This week I know-

-Clever friends do cool things like make buttons! Why don't you grab one from the sidebar?

-it may only take a picture in a childrens book to frighten a three year old so badly she refuses to be alone anywhere

-sisters can be equally nasty and affectionate to each other

-BBQ chicken and corn chips can be classed as a meal

-you should try to look less amused when your 2 year old swears in public

We may have been given great toys from Megabrands, Zimbler, Pink Poppy, Little Tikes, Playskool and Zapf at last Friday's bloggers brunch (thanks to Room To Grow TV, Kids Business and Kleenex Mums!)-but the Play Doh was by far the favorite from the day!

-If you want to see some lovely photos from the day go and check out Little red Photography's Facebook page.

-putting lots of links in a blog post makes the baby jesus cry and my iPhone induced RSI hurt

-I do not understand why someone would put their child in a beauty pagent

-you should really reconsider the request of a 2 year old with little toilet awareness for wearing underpants if she has not done a poo for a couple of days.

-it's so lovely to watch your 6 year old be delighted by her first piano lesson

-I'm getting in early to beat the rush! You bloggers who know stuff like to blog early!


Kate said...

Gorgeous button!!

Love the stuff you know, aside from the 2yo undie stuff which I'm gonna know all over again quite soon ;)

Marita said...

I know I can comment now!!!

katepickle said...

Yay blogger is back... and the button worked! Yay!

Paige said...

I love the comment about your two year old swearing in public! Jude thinks pissed off is just another way of saying your mad. Good thing he's not in public school!

SaraMG said...

Sofia started saying "oh foff" when she's flustered. Hopefully it'll be a few years before she realises that's Mummy's censored version of "for f*** sake"...

Deborah said...

Yay for Blogger behaving once again! I don't understand the Beauty Pageant thing either... Laughed at 2 year old swearing in public. :)

Pink Poppy Girl said...

We hope you liked the pink and sparkling goodies from Pink Poppy at the bloggers brunch. we loved meeting so many amazing women.

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