Monday, May 16, 2011

Unschool Monday-reading is happening!

We pull up at the Melbourne zoo and as we are walking in Tannah points at the sign and says
“That says ZOO! Just like on the Australia Zoo magazine and on the TV when we watch The Zoo”
I tell her that it does indeed say zoo. She continues to find the word around the zoo on our day out.

Tannah is playing her DSi. It’s a Littlest Pet Shop game. She calls me.
“Muuuum! I need help. I want to name this pet Sequin can you tell me the letters?”
I say the letters out loud and she is finding them with no help-except for the Q.

She asks for the set of first readers I bought her so she can read the story to her baby sister. I watch her from a distance as she “reads” the book using the pictures as a guide.

Tannah calls me in to the kitchen to show me this

It’s so exciting watching her literacy skills grow! I won’t be long before I will have to find another option for spelling out things I would rather she didn’t overhear like “Luke when the kids are in bed can you get me some i.c.e.c.r.e.a.m.”

I'm joining in with Owlet for Unschool Monday. Her post today about rhythm and routine is great!


Marita said...

We've moved on from spelling things out to code words. Although Annie is already figured out that "Empire of the Evil Clown" = McDonalds.

I just love watching literacy develop and seeing my girls use it in everyday situations.

Laura said...

it is so exciting! reading is starting to happen at our house too and It makes me so excited for our unschool journey!!

Anonymous said...

Does unschool mean home schooling? It's lovely to watch them learn to read. My second is at that stage now too - it's very surprising how quickly that pick it up.

Jo said...

ha ha - yeah - we are trying to figure out what were going to do soon about the spelling words out problem! I think K already knows what 'CHOC' spells!

That is awesome, Shae - so exciting!

Lauren said...

Oooh! Exciting times, Shae!! I remember similar stuff with Audrey and now we're watching it happen all over again :) We've moved to code words and occasionally pig latin. Or just raised eyebrows and nudges. Or sending each other texts. LOL

Bona Fide Mama said...

My son is forever learning to read from the television and the TiVo menu. It's so encouraging to watch!

Paige said...

I think it might be more exciting for the parent than child when they learn to read. It's such an amazing thing to watch children learn and figure things out naturally :)

Helena said...

Beautiful, Shae—and how exciting and empowering for you ALL. I could feel the joy coming out of this post—I'm so pleased for you. I loved the picture of the word Zoo on your fridge, all that learning coming together…lovely. And how funny you'll be losing your Spell-Speak soon. Hmmm, maybe sign language is next? (Until they figure that out too :) )

Toushka Lee said...

So exciting! Millar is getting there with his spelling too, kinda, thanks to a game his aunty bought him. Jnr Boggle. super awesome. I bet Tannah would love it.

I love watching Millar learn, he gets so excited when I get excited about stuff he learns.

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