Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I hate you, stupid book


Why do I hate this book?

It's a well written, entertaining and fun book. It's from a series my children adore both in print and on screen.

But this cover artwork has wrecked my life.

We borrowed it from the library about a month ago. It came home. We read it. I tucked the kids in bed. Willow rolled over and saw the artwork in the dim room and FREAKED OUT. No, really-it scared her so much she was shaking and crying. And now she won't sleep in with Tannah. Or with the light off unless she is sleeping up my bum crack. The days of her rolling over and drifting off without 10 calls for a glass of water and various other stalling techniques are over. She is now scared of the dark, and even the not well lit.

We're helping her overcome her fear. We are talking about how to feel safe and why pictures can be scary. We have nightlights. She is now a (semi) permanent fixture back in our room. But it's taking time. I remember how I felt about the phone ringing after seeing "The Ring"-it was a process back to rationality.

I know it is not the fault of the book. Or the artist. It is a 3 year old with a wonderful imagination that ran away with her.

But I need to blame something. So I'm cursing that stupid book.


Lulu said...

I was afraid of the dark when I was younger- I still remember what made me become scared of the dark- I must of been about 4 or 5 and watched Full House where they went to Hawaii or something and there was a hula girl that kept appearing in trees/around (I never saw the episode again and this going back 20 plus year) but she didn`t seem to be real.

That night my closet was open when I fell asleep and I woke up during the night and thought the lady (who I always referred to as the Indian lady apparently- I guess I wasn`t up with my politically correct terms back then) was in my closet but it was just the clothes making

To this day I can not sleep with closets open. I know it is an irrational fear but I still can`t do it

It took me over a year to sleep with the light off again though. I also slept with my bedroom door open til I was well into highschool as I wanted to be able to "escape" my room if I had to.

Vivid imaginations are great but sometimes they definitely suck!

Hope your LO can move past her fears soon. I have no advice except to say I did get over it and she will too, it just might take awhile.

Lulu said...

Stupid keyboard- in the 2nd paragraph the sentence should read

"was in my closet but it was just the clothes making it look like there was someone there"

Deborah said...

Goodness! It's like I could have written this post - this is exactly what we're going through as we speak. Miss A up every night thinking of scary pictures in books. (Funnily enough yesterday she spotted Phil's library book, John Howard's biography - don't ask - and she freaked out and pointed at the cover saying: 'scary man'!!!!.... don't blame her really).

Hope Willow gets some good rest tonight. (And you).

Louisa said...

you are most probably not going to love my comment BUT thanks so much for letting me know of another Olivia book we can add to our collection!! xx big hugs, nightmares suck!

Leah - Bogue Living said...

I really feel for Willow. I used to be so scared at nights and even as an adult I can feel like that, especially if I do something stupid like watch Paranormal Activity. I actually have a really great imagination when it comes to thinking scary things can happen, of any sort LOL I gave myself a sleep paralysis dream last night from listening to a podcast :/

Stupid book! I will hate on it for you guys as well!!

amandab said...

When G had her problems with the dark we started giving her glowie bracelets at night time. It seemed to really help, so might be worth a try :)

Caz said...

My girls love OLIVIA. This is not helped by the fact we have an OLIVIA. They can often be heard singing O.L.I.V.I.A at the tops of their voices aroun the house. Hope the night scares back off soon and you get good sleep. Caz

messyfish said...

This is a little left of center, but have you tried homeopathy for the fear and clingyness?
Ps, my boy refuses to read (or let me read) these books. I thought it was the boring colours... But perhaps it's the scary imagery too?

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