Thursday, June 9, 2011

KLA's in the everyday

I thought I'd start a regular post to share how we have covered one of the KLA'a over the week without using curriculum. The 8 Key Learning Areas are English, maths, science, technology, health and physical education, the arts, studies of society and the environment (SOSE) and language other than English (LOTE).

We have been doing a fair bit of cooking in the last week. I must admit that cooking with the kids is not my favorite. Politically incorrect though it may be, I find having three kids under my feet yelling MY TURN is not always conducive to a fun time. We have been trialling the idea of a certain days being "your day" here-meaning on a set day it is set child's turn to pick the movie & music in the car and also your turn to cook in the kitchen with Mum. We are having a bit of success at this point, I'll keep you updated.

Back to cooking!

Cooking ticks a lot of KLA boxes. English, maths, science, the arts at the very least. We are all keen viewers of the television show Masterchef which has sparked Tannah's interest to get into the kitchen and get creating. Being a child who likes things to be "just so" she is not keen to do any experimental cooking yet but she does love to follow a recipe. All of the weighing and measuring is done with great care, there is a lot of reading and hypothesizing what would happen if we added more or less of an ingredient as well as the all important "plating up" (yes, far too much Masterchef).

And then there are beaters to be licked or scones to be eaten warm or even desserts to share with friends.

And there sure are some good life lessons that sometimes things don't go to plan and you might just end up with a big mess. Epic home made pasta fail.

Note-I am not going to do the weekly KLA Thursday meme every week but would still love to see your posts about how the KLA's happen in your day to day life.

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