Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I Know

Happy Friday everyone!! Here is what I know this week

-sometimes the sun shines and the weather is lovely in Melbourne. No, really.

-Mister Maker is about to become banned in our house.

-I should never had tried these, because now I want them all the time!

-Twitter knows everything

-after our awesome roadtrip I have the itchiest feet!

-you can go Flog yo blog over at Where's My Glow?

So what do you know?

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Kate said...

I want yummy things too!

How nice has the weather been? Perfect for washing - if you have a washing machine ;p

Leah - Bogue Living said...

Yummm - are they the macaroons from your road trip?

shae said...

yep-I spent 50 bucks in Zumbos...whoops!

Miss Mandy said...

I love your things I know posts. Must try this!

Deborah said...

Zumbos look yum - even the packaging looks yum!

Next road trip.. I think South Australia may be calling you!

Lulu said...

Things I know this week

- If I make brownies they do not last. And I am the only one that eats them. Uh oh!

- If Noah has a huge nap the day before then it means he wakes up at the crack of dawn the following day.

- I also agree with you and twitter knows everything :P

Happy Friday!

Emma said...

The weather here is drizzly today but I don't care because I was intending to spend it with the fire and computer anyway.
I'm impressed there were macaroons left long enough for a photo - they wouldn't last that long here!
Love you list thing; will have to drop by for a look more often.

Anonymous said...

Those bickies look yummy!!!

Grace said...

I know that the moment I tuck them in their cots and shut the door, my twin boys get up to no good.
I know that after so much rain, it's nice to go for a walk in the park this morning and enjoy the blessed sunshine.
I know I'm excited about going to the movies with my husband - first time in a year and a half !

Will be joining in on "Things I Know" and adding my link :)

P.S Came over here from "Going Left"

Amy said...

Those Macaroons look yum!

And Mister Maker is banned here too. Or atleast rationed to once a fortnight.

Lisa Jay said...

Oh yes, I ive in Sydney a little too close to Zumbo's for my liking! & lol about Mr Maker!

Sarah said...

And now I have Mr Maker tune in my head. My kids just love him.

Gosh they look yummy. Might have to go buy some on our next Sydney road trip

Tat said...

Oh, now I want some of those, too, and I haven't even tried them!

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I've never tried them, but they look amazing!

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