Thursday, June 23, 2011

When acronyms take over.

I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. It sucks.

I live in a part of Australia that is well known for it's brutal winters complete with short days and bleak weather. Not helpful. By June I'm normally struggling to get through the days and finding exhaustion playing a big part in my coping skills. Last year I also had a few panic attacks thrown in for shits and giggles, I'm grateful that it hasn't gotten to that this year and hope it stays that way. Homesickness is inevitable. I'll start to pine for Queensland and my family. PMS makes it worse.

I had a moment this week where I was feeling anxious about my online life. Suddenly there were too many people, too many items unread, too many tweets unanswered and so much unwritten etiquette I was failing at. I pulled Willow out of the ballet concert because I found looking at the lists of things needed to be done and rehearsals to attend completely overwhelmed me.

But yesterday was the winter solstice. Which means the days are going to get longer again. And my brand new niece slipped into the world, born in her caul. And, while it made the homesickness so much worse, I can't help but smile.


Kate said...

Oh look at her little precious self!!!

SAD bites the big one, and I've lived here forever so when people tell you it's because you lived up north you can tell them to shove it.


*hugs* and OMGWTFBBQ

Leah - Bogue Living said...

She's just gorgeous!!

Hope the adjustments you've made online and ditching the concert help power you thru the remaining winter. Your ace boots have got to help too right? :)

Miss Mandy said...

I don't think anyone expects a response in any particular time frame, if at all. It's nice to chat on line, but not at the expense of everyday living. I'm sure everyone will get over it!

Camilleta said...

I know how you feel. I am not diagnosed but I suspect I have SAD or bi-polar or something. I know that I get very depressed in the winter. Spring feels like a renewed hope for life, for me.

Your new niece is beautiful, by the way!

Deborah said...

Cluck cluck at beautiful niece. :)

I have SAD big time too. Every single year...damn it! Feeling for you! :(

(And I've got to agree with Leah, remember your fabulous boots!)

Rachael said...

Gosh she is beautiful! x

Marita said...

Sooooo cute!

SAD sucks :( hopefully things will start looking brighter soon.

Anonymous said...

aahh yes the dreaded PMS monster visits me to! Hang in there!
Where abouts in Australia are you? I lived in queensland most my life and moved down to tassie 2 years ago. We love it here! We get some mighty cold winters !! :)

That is one cute baby!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I am not a Winter girl at all, in fact, I often wonder if I am part lizard, cold blooded, needing sunshine, yep, definitely a lizard!!

What a beautiful spot of brightness your niece is, so much sweetness.

Hugs to you, do whatever it is you need to do to get through to the sunshine xx

SquiggleMum said...

The online world can always wait. Take care of you, take care of yours, take care of the online stuff after that. xx

MultipleMum said...

The hump of winter is over! Yay!!! I hope you begin to feel less pressured by the whole blogging thing. One day at a time. Run your own race. Insert other relevant cliche. x

RuthyToothy said...

I suffer from SAD too, although since I live in Scotland I'm a few months away from it kicking in. About 4 years ago my psychiatrist recommended I try a lightbox, and it has worked wonders. The one I have is this one - - and I use it for 30 mins whilst eating breakfast every morning from Autumn to early Spring, and it really helps with both my mood and my energy levels. I heartily recommend giving a lightbox a try - here in the UK there are companies where you can get one for a 30 day trial, which should be long enough to work out whether it is helping you.

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