Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time flies.

When Tannah was still a belly babe my Mum passed on a jewel of wisdom. She said that no matter how hard it was and how tired I got that before I knew it my kids would be all grown up and I would wonder where the time went.

I have been really feeling this lately and it's no secret that I'm an emo Mama who gets all misty eyed about my lovely kiddos, but so much has happened lately to make me see that my years of parenting babies is over. And it's bittersweet.


Harper no longer wears nappies-day or night. She no longer breastfeeds and she slept in her sister's bedroom last night at her request. My last baby has been my baby for the shortest time of all. I must admit to shedding some tears at all of these things.


Willow is about to turn FOUR. And after all these years of her being teeny tiny she is catching up in the height stakes.


I took this photo this morning and something about makes me see what she is going to look like as a teenager. It made me feel very aware of the swiftness of time indeed.

I love being a Mother. I have loved having my babies close to me in bed, at my breast and in a sling. I will miss the quiet milky moments in the middle of the night. I will miss feeling a small persons weight on my back in a carrier. There are many things I feel a little pang of sadness about in the knowledge that those days are over.

But I'm also very excited for this new phase of my life. The road trip we took recently would have been something I would not have done even six months before. I love seeing Tannah writing me notes and being so interested in the hows and whys of the world around her. I love seeing Willow's joy when she masters something. I love seeing Harper's personality develop and her awareness grow. There is a certain amount more freedom that comes with having older children. There is a certain amount less intensity-at times. I am still a Mother and I am learning all the time.

But forgive this emo Mama if she is feeling all reflective and sentimental as she ponders her babies as they grow up.

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