Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cheers to us-with a Dan Murphys giveaway!

The past week has been awesome.

Luke got a new job which starts the week after this one finishes up. Job sounds ace with good conditions and similar pay. It's day shift but it will be permanent so we can just adjust and get used to it.

I've had an article published in an Ezine! The amazing Christie from Childhood 101 has just released Play-Grow-Learn and it's filled with great articles (including mine of course) and ideas. Check it out HERE

My parents came down to visit for 5 days. This is a HUGE deal as my Mum confronted her phobia of flying to spend time with us. And the time together was enjoyed by all.

I got my disc of pics from Little Red Photography. It is full of beautiful photos like this one.

Luke and I went out with friends for a few drinks at a pub with an 80's cover band on Saturday night. Fun times were had and Jesse's Girl was sung along to.

And Dan Murphys have given me a $50 voucher to give away for Fathers Day! You can find them HERE and on Twitter to check out beer, wine and spirits that you might like to share with your Dad (or not). Or you could just have a cheers to me for having such a great week!

Conditions of entry-
-valid to Australian residents only
-must be over 18
-leave a comment making sure I can get in contact with you either by email or twitter
-winner will be selected by random number generator on Sunday 4th of September

Good Luck! And cheers to everyone having a great week!

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