Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I Know-the Blogopolis edition

So I'm home and Blogopolis is now the weekend that was. I'm going to do my wrap up as a Things I Know-and ya'll know you can come link up with your own Things I Know post on a Friday right??

me-Sunday morning.

-figuring out how far you hotel is from Flinders st station is advisable before deciding to walk there with your bags, dragging interstate VIP sleepover buddy Childhood 101 behind you.

-when you ask for a double Jack Daniels and coke and the barman mutters something at you and you go yeahsurewhatever check he wasn't telling you that they only had single malt or you may be drinking a $30 drink.

-Madonna's Vogue will never be the same again after dancing with Miscmum, Magneto Bold Too and Toushka Lee

-I'm not the only blogger who still has a Blogspot blog! And techies are like a dog with a fucking bone on hating on blogger.

-There were so many ace bloggers that I wanted to meet or at least say more than Hi to but the pesky conference itself got in the way of all of the sober daytime socializing.

-the Aussie blogging community contains some of the coolest, most genuine and clever people around.

-I need someone to supervise me when there are free drinks or there may be table dancing & self portrait upskirt pics taken. I pray for everyone's sake that these photos never make the interwebs.

-There was lots of great info and speakers at the conference. Looking forward to seeing lots of notes and wrap ups. I already like these one at Writing Out Loud and GoodGoog

-The weekend has been brought to you by the words overshare, not a euphemism, HOLLA, cuntbiscuit and blog.

-Go and check out the wrap up at Where's My Glow. The photo montage is hilarious, contains way too many drunken pics of yours truly including one where Reservoir Dad and I are crowned best photo. The lovely Glowless was my roomie and she will now always be my friend-she knows too much and has photo evidence.

-the conference reaffirmed that MY blog is MY space and that there is room for everyone on the internet.

-going away is super fun and I loved every minute but my heart swelled to see my family at the train stop when I got home.

Big thanks to Nuffnang for an excellent conference and Eco Toys for sponsoring me to go. Big hugs to all of my blogging peeps near and far and apologies to anyone who I may have drunk-talked at or overshared with. And if I missed you it was unintentional-too many bloggers not enough time! Bring on next year :)

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