Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I Know-or I don't know

Happy Friday everyone!! Welcome to the Things I Know linkup.

Ya'll know the drill-write a Things I Know post on your blog including a link back to me and link up below. Easy peasy. Then you should go and Flog Yo Blog over at Glowless.

This week it's gonna be a little different. There are some Things I DON'T Know and need answers for and becasue you Things I Know-it-alls leave lots of comments here I want ANSWERS dammit.

So here is what I DON'T know-

-what to make my kids for dinner anymore dammit. Their food repertoire is getting smaller and smaller and they will soon be living on raw milk smoothies and roast chicken.

-why Twitter cannot do something about all the spam. IT'S ANNOYING.

-First world problems here today. whether to keep my hair short, maybe even shaving it off again

or grow it out ala 2001 (truly, I was hot right?)

-why people who have "Embarrassing Bodies" are too scared to go to the doctor in private but will have their labia/scrotum/enormous haemorrhoids filmed for worldwide TV. And why can I not look away??

-why I sit up until midnight when I could be sleeping

-why I can't get out the door before 8:30 without us eating breakfast in the car. Hmmm point above might be to blame....

So. What do you know or not this week??

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