Monday, August 15, 2011



There is a bit of uncertainty in the Yay For Homestead at the moment. And I don't like it.

Luke's work contract is up soon and while we know he has 5 more weeks of work we don't know what will happen after. He may get moved to another similar job, or he might not. He might get some interstate work and fly in and out for a while or he might not. He might take a couple of weeks off between jobs and we might pack up the tent and have a mini holiday. Or he might go straight from one job to the new one.

He has done afternoon shift for a long time. We like afternoon shift. He gets to spend some time with the girls when they are at their best and he is home at a reasonable enough hour that his day and night doesn't get mixed up. And he gets penalty rate for working it. And we are all used to it and have a system going that we all like. That finishes in 2 weeks and I have no idea if he will have the option of that shift at the next job.

I'm an optimist. And terribly impulsive. I'm not worried that he won't find work. And I'm also open to the prospect of packing up and hitting the road for a while. I know that we as a family and a couple can do anything and that we always land on our feet.

But I hate not knowing. And I know Luke hates it more.

Watch this space for how it pans out....
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