Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kids and public spaces

I was not sure about whether I wanted to post this because I know these posts can attract a group who like to troll blogs-lets call the ch-mild flee-and I'm not up for having my kids being called crotch droppings and all that.

But I am so disappointed in parts of the general public.

Yesterday I took my kids to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform with some members of the Australian Ballet. It was a KIDS performance before anyone gets their panties in a twist-and it was fantastic! I'm so grateful that companies do special performances for children to enjoy.

On our walk back we stopped at the National gallery of Victoria to look at the kids gallery. The entrance to the gallery is a big water wall. It's pretty irresistible to touch-in fact it's inviting. So my kids touched.


Without bothering anyone, without wetting anyone and without hurting anything.

But the LOOKS they got. Oh my. Three kids touched a tactile wall and it was like they were pissing on a war memorial and kicking mud around.

There was a hipster with his wanky beard and ironic jeans taking photos with his DSLR up the other end of the wall. I made sure we weren't in his way but he wanted to move up the wall to where we were. Remember this is a PUBLIC space. But hipsterfetus was huffing and puffing and clicking with displeasure the whole 2 minutes we were there despite me moving the kids out of his constantly changing road.

So to all the snooty types and hipster wankers who gave me and my kids stink eye yesterday while we were enjoying some kid friendly culture in public places I say a big FUCK YOU. I'm sure you are the type who also laments the youth of today and how they are forever in front of a TV screen. How you get shitty about my pram on a train but also bitch about us breeders and how we are fucking up global warming for everyone.

I respect anyone's right not to have kids-I'm absolutely pro-choice-but don't deny my children's right to exist in age appropriate public spaces. And those of you with grown kids who wouldn't have let "this happen in my day" can also remember that a lot has changed in the way of human rights since the invention of electricity.

Just because my children are not adults does not automatically mean they are going to wreck your day if they are sharing your space.
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