Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I Know-The Harper Edition

Happy Friday Know-it-alls! My premature posting last week caused a scandal-it was just one tired Mama hitting the post now button instead of the schedule one. Apologies.

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This week I'm writing a post about the H-bomb-my Harper Bliss. The stories of her seem to entertain others and who doesn't like hearing about other spirited kids to make them feel like it's all normal?

The Things I Know about Harper are-

-This is her favorite shirt. It is important that I wash it frequently so she can wear it as often as possible. She is wearing it right now.

-never choose her undies for her. Unless you want to see her fall to the floor in a crumpled heap with disappointment and disdain for your poor ability to choose underwear. Same goes for cutlery

-she loves bananas-but only the two bites in the middle.

-she will happily sit and play with the Duplo by her self for ages, making amazing constructions

-she likes to deal with the ass wiping herself. Which would be OK if she didn't smear shit all over herself every time she did it. Which would also be OK if she didn't pretend it didn't happen and just walk around the house until you notice a smell. True story-lots of the house was disinfected that day and I almost put bleach in her bath.

-never call a meal "breakfast" She HATES breakfast! Sher does like to eat food upon rising but it must be called toast/yoghurt/eggs etc

-she once had a tantrum so fierce in front of a group of teenage girls at scienceworks that I feel confident that they will remain virgins until marriage.

-she hates wearing pants. I may release a coffee table photo book at one point called "harper-sans pants"

-she calls things she doesn't like "fsgusting". So now we all use that word. It sounds like "fucking disgusting". I like it.

-she once gave death stares to a hairdresser that unnerved her badly enough that she cut her hair crooked.

-she openly loves Luke the best-telling me so several times a day.

-she is frustrating, clever, funny,fiercely independent, exasperating, wild and amazing bundle of energy-and I love her. Just as she is.

So what do you know this week??

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