Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I Know

Happy Friday Know-it-alls! Welcome to the Things I Know linkup-if you want to join in it's easy. Simply write your own Things I Know post that includes a link back to me and then add your link below.

The Things I Know this week are-

-don't shop when you have a particularly intense case of PMS. You will regret purchases later.

-I'm stoked with the amount of people who are linking up. Keep 'em coming, I love reading them!

-that I handled not coping badly when Tannah was a baby. Pretending that all is OK when it really really isn't is not a sign of strength or capability.

-that it is such relief to be able to say "I'm not OK" and know it's not failing. I don't have to like it though.

-I jinxed myself by offering advice over at Childhood101 on Toilet awareness. TWO of my three have regressed at night and are back in night nappies.

-night nappies are a million times better than changing two wet beds a night

-I am one of those Mamas who dresses their kids in matching outfits from time to time....and I'm starting to look for something for xmas.

You cannot deny this is adorable.

So what do you know this week?

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