Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Know

Happy Friday Know-it-alls and welcome to the Things I Know linkup! Want to tell us what you know? Easy peasy-write your own Things I Know post including a link back to me and add it below.

This week I'm living in the moment-which is actually Thursday night ;) So I'm going to tell you what I know right now.

I know

-I need to remember to put the fucking dishwasher on before I go to sleep because few things shit me more than opening the dishwasher door to get a clean cup to smell last nights dinner still stuck to everything

-I used too much garlic in tonight's dinner and we are going to stink everyone out tomorrow. Sorry world.

-that getting a new purse today wasn't as exciting as I hoped. My old one broke and now I'm forced to do the plethora of cards swap-over before bed.

-that without spellcheck you would all think I couldn't type and/or I was semi literate.

-this depressed fog I've been walking around in is seriously affecting my ability to sleep. Do. Not. Want.

-this picture of Harper is still cracking me up. She absolutely looks like she wants to eat Bok Bok. Mmmm delicious chicken

-I'm can see the pile of washing out of the corner of my eye and I hope it knows I'm just going to leave it there unfolded for playing mind games with me.

-my kids all seem to have grown inches and learned new skills hand over fist lately. I have big kids now:( but Tannah put the TV on for everyone this morning so I could lie in :D

-that I'm stoked every week that so many of you take the time to write and join up with my lil ol linky. I'm so full of my own importance on a Friday night-seriously though. Big thanks :)

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