Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Things I know about me-that you wish you didn't

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the Things I Know linkup!

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This week I'm telling you 10 things about me you didn't want to know. I'm glad Reservoir Dad tagged me because I didn't have a theme for this week-and now I get to talk about myself!

The 10 things I know about me that you don't want to know are-

1-I hate wearing pants to bed. I only do it if guests sleep over and even then only if they are ones I care about seeing me walking around in my undies

2-I'm a really good swimmer. I did years of squad training and can do all 4 strokes with relative ease.

3-Tannah and my boob were on the front cover on the Australian Breastfeeding Association magazine in 2005. My boob and it's nipple pube are cover stars. Here is the photo they used.

4-I played Jan in my high school production of Grease

5-I was a pretty wild child in my late teens/early twenties. I indulged in a lot of risky behavior like drugs, hitchhiking, casual sex, binge drinking etc etc. I don't know how honest I'm going to be with my kids about it all.

6-My favorite film is Pulp Fiction. I can quote most of the movie. I'm a smart motherfucker, that's right.

7-I can do this with my tongue. Only 1 in 10'000 people can. I can also make a bath tub and a 3 leaf clover out of it. I'm special.

8-I've had my tonsils out & all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I've broken my nose, my little finger and my big toe. I once tore the ligaments in my knee at a Something For Kate concert and was on crutches for 8 weeks.

9-I miss smoking and wish it wasn't so deadly and expensive and stinky etc etc

10-I have some weird food issues. I'm scared of aspartame and margarine because of their toxic non-foodness and I drink raw unpasteurized cows milk. It's kind of hard to get but way better for you!

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