Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Matching desks and elbow room.

Having all three girls crammed together in one and a half desks was not working anymore. Harper and Willow are both old enough now to want a little elbow room to create their masterpieces and do their "work" and having 2 desks that were not the same height was proving tricky when they wanted to spread out a large sheet of paper.

So I bit the bullet and bought 2 more desks, identical to the original.

Now everyone has their own space with tools suited to their own age closest but also within easy reach to try out other bits and pieces.

Tannah and Willow are both closest to this. Textas, pencils, rulers, scissors, sticky tape and glue.

I also made Tannah a "writing station" with different types of paper and envelopes to send letters as well as sticky notes and a notepad.

I keep the blank paper-both plain and colored-in the middle so everyone can access it easily.

Harper has her own little caddy with chunky crayons and paint "dotters".

We are having great success with this tale setup! There has been some very industrious creating happening-inspired by their own space and materials. I'm really enjoying putting new bits and bobs into the mix too!
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