Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Savings Chart

Tannah and Willow get pocket money. They get $5 each a week to spend on whatever they like. It's been very successful for all parties involved but we've had some trouble with the girls being able to picture their savings goals.

Tannah has already saved for something that cost $20. It was a lot of her asking how may dollars more she had to save and how many she already had. Not to mention me growing tired of explaining over and over.

Tannah now has her eye on a soft toy dog in a handbag (yes, really). It costs $30 and she has been saving. This time I made her a savings chart.


On her savings chart I put a sticker for each of the dollars she has to save and we have been crossing them out as they add up.

I'm feeling very smug with my genius as it has been working a treat! Tannah is finding it easy to see her goal and how she is moving towards it. While I am finding it easy to refer to the chart when she wants to crunch the numbers.

Yay for systems that work!
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