Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I Know

Happy Friday peeps. You know the drill. Write a Things I Know post. Link back to me. Link up below. Go. You know you want to.

It's late Thursday night and my brain is a little absent. I'm being distracted by The Hangover on the TV and I am finding the random stuff that I know bubbling to the front of my brain.

Here is some random shit I know.

-I'm the zen master of song lyrics. All of the important stuff that used to be in my brain is slowly being replaced with song lyrics.

-cats are opportunistic ovulators. It's the mating that makes them ovulate. Meaning it's get knocked up o'clock for cats ALL THE TIME.

Barbie has camel toe

-I once squirted a business man in the face with breastmilk. I was on a plane with a 4 month old Tannah and she came off mid letdown causing a perfect arc of milk to land on his cheek. I almost died.

-in our house eggs with runny yolks are known as "coo coo k'choo" eggs. This is from Luke and I declaring "I am the eggman! coo coo k'choo!" when we do good eggs.

-when you fart at our place you declare "I am f
Farticus" and then someone else will chime in with "No. I am Farticus". We have trained the kids up since birth to participate in this game.

-my blog is like roulette. Sometimes you get well written/funny/touching posts. Other times you get random shizz like this. Spin the wheel!

So what do you know??

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