Monday, October 10, 2011

Why does the boob offend more than the slap?

The first episode of The Slap aired in Australia last week. I was one of the millions of Aussies who watched it and followed the discussion online.

I was shocked that so many Australians still think that hitting a child is OK.

When I was younger and was on the drink a lot I used to get really mouthy (this is shocking I know) and pick verbal fights with my husband. I was really destructive, often kicking signs over and throwing stuff around & getting into fights. To put it bluntly I was an annoying asshole who was not very fun to be around.

What would you think I said Luke slapped me to let me know that my behavior was not OK? I mean he was doing it out of love and he didn't want me to get hurt or make him look like an idiot in front of everyone else. He just wanted to teach me what sort of behavior was good by punishing the bad. Or what if he just wanted to take out all of the anger and frustrations he felt by my drunken assholery by hurting me to make me sure that I knew how angry he really felt? I'm sure he didn't want to look like a "permissive husband".

Does that sound OK to you?

I'm pretty sure that mos people would class that as domestic violence and Luke would had ended up charged.(FTR he has NEVER hit me)

I find it astonishing that many people still thunk it's OK to treat a child this way.

I outweigh Luke by a good 20kg and it would still upset many people that he slapped me more than if he slapped one of our kids who he is much larger than and who cannot just pack a bag and leave or defend themselves.

When Tannah was a baby we were at a play centre. She was about 2 and a child who was about 3 came up and hit her and then pushed her over. The other child's mother responded by whacking her child across her legs while saying "We. Don't. Hit!"

I responded to the mother with "yes we do" and her and I got into a bit of an argument.

I'm floored that the mother didn't see the irony that to teach her child that it was not OK to hit another child was to use hitting as a punishment.

I'm not going to even go into the fact that most watchers of The Slap were more offended by the fact a 4 year old was being breastfed over the fact said 4 year old was slapped across the face. It makes me quite sad to be honest.

Hitting people is wrong-and children are people too.
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