Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday and welcome to the Things I Know linkup. If you haven't joined in then it's about time you did. Write you own things I know and then link up below. I know, why haven't you done it before?

This week I'm getting all lovey dovey because it's Luke's and my 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday. This week I'm telling you what I know about us.

The Things I know about Luke and I are-


-he is as cautious as I am impulsive

-he is as Star Wars as I am Harry Potter


-he sleeps like the dead while I get insomnia

-I'm organized chaos but he's just organized


-I'm loud and he's quiet

-he likes to save money and I like to spend it


-he doesn't like to rock the boat while I cause scenes

-I love change and he loves routine


But the thing I know the most is that we work despite the differences.

And I know I love him.


So what do you know?

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