Monday, November 28, 2011

Learning need not be linear

Tannah has always loved animals. She has a particular fondness for reptiles and horses. Not to mention her recent African wild dog obsession.


She loves watching animal documentaries and talks about David(Attenborough) and Steve
(Irwin) like they are her mates. And Bindi. Who can forget her favorite and best Bindi Irwin. Every time we go to the library we have to check out the non-fiction section for animal books.

She is pretty knowledgeable about animals. She knows the difference between mammal, reptile, bird and monotreme. She can usually tell by teeth and claws whether an animal is a carnivore or not and she is good at deducting whether an animal is nocturnal or diurnal by their ears and eyes.

She has recently been moved by the endangered status of some animals-including her beloved wild dog-to become more aware of how to tread more lightly on the earth and what she can do to help. We have spent many hours online together recently doing research on this topic and have learned lots as well as been inspired.

What an amazing 6 year old right? I'm pretty sure her knowledge on animals and conservation would impress many adults.

And then many would worry about her "falling behind" to learn that she turns 7 in April and doesn't read.

One of my favorite parts of unschooling is that learning need not be linear. There is no order to the steps that my children must learn and they can follow their passions and interests. I also love that we have the time to devote to topics of particular interest as well as being able to explore them in not so traditional ways.

It really feels like we are free to learn

I'm joining in with Owlet for Unschool Monday
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