Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A lie I hate

I've spoken before about how my beautiful 4 year old daughter talks about wanting to live with another Rapunzel rather than marry Flynn Ryder.


When Tannah and Willow play princesses Willow will often come to me and say "I don't want to marry the prince like Tannah, can't I just marry another princess?"

Here is the fucked up part. I lie to her.

I say "of course you can. You can marry whoever you like-it doesn't matter if they are a man or a woman."

And we all know that in most of our sad, bigoted world that is not the truth. In Australia there is no marriage equality. In Australia marriage means only a man and a woman, no exceptions.

But what am I supposed to say to my 4 year old? What am I supposed to tell my beautiful daughter who may or may not have to face this bigotry through her life?

While I am aware that she is only 4 and she may just end up with Flynn Ryder why should I tell her that it's wrong to want to marry Rapunzel? In my eyes it's a non issue and if she does indeed continue to want to marry a woman I don't EVER want her to think that she is doing something wrong.

So I urge the government and the people who say no to marriage equality to take a minute and think of the kids and teens who are growing up gay and the message you are sending them. That their love is worth less than that of their hetero peers and that they are somehow wrong.

Uncool and untrue.
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