Thursday, November 17, 2011

No More Babies


I was tucking Harper into bed last night when I really noticed how bloody big she is. My baby will be THREE in March. I can't seem to fathom where the time has gone and that my baby is so grown up.

It may sound like I'm pining for another baby. While it's true that having a cuddle with this newbie got my cluck-o-meter going I'm surprised at just how OK I feel with not having any more babies.


I figured that when Harper really started to leave her babyhood behind her (and Miss Independent's babyhood is GONE)I'd start to feel sad and maybe regret that I agreed so readily to Luke having a vasectomy.

But it really doesn't feel like that.

It feels like we have moved on to the next phase of parenting, a whole new phase with different joys and frustrations. Not being sleep deprived and not having a kid hanging off each boob means I can look back at babyhood with rose coloured glasses.


And it feels great to cluck over a new baby and get all nostalgic about when you had a newbie-and not have the desire for it to be you.
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