Friday, November 4, 2011

Things I Know-the future Shae edition

I can't believe it's Friday. Truly. But here we are. So why don't you share what you know this week.

Just write your own Things I Know post including a link back to me and then add your link below. Ready? Set? GO.

This week I'm telling Shae Of The Future some important things that Present Day Shae knows.

Hey Shae Of The Future! Here are some Things I Know-LISTEN.

-if you have to get up early and be out the door on time don't stay up late looking at dumb shit online the night before. Sure, Ugliest Tattoos is hilarious but the time could be better spent sleeping, or getting prepared for the next morning.

-if your dishwasher is ever broken again (dear jeebus don't forsake me with this horror ever again pleeeeaaaase) don't pretend that the piles of dishes in your kitchen will wash themselves. I highly recommend washing up more than once a day.

-if you have an awesome holiday/sleepover/party coming up don't tell the kids until the day of the event. You seem to be pretty slow on the uptake of this one and I'm currently hearing about our visit to Queensland next year that is yet to be finalized. Are we there yet?

-starting any conversation with your husband with "this person on Twitter said" is likely to get a raised eyebrow from him. He doesn't care about twitter. Leave the poor guy alone.

-there is a window of opportunity for kids not hamming it up for most photos. Enjoy it.

-write shopping lists. Or plant a money tree.

-enjoy every moment with those gorgeous kiddos because time really does fly.

So what do you know?

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