Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I Know

Morning all and welcome to the Things I Know linkup! Have stuff you know too? Well then write your own Things I Know post and link it up below so we can all learn something. Happy Friday!

The Things I Know this week are


-Taking your 6 year old on a pony ride at the fair is not a clever move if it's the day before your kids write their xmas lists. I'm pretty sure we don't have enough room for a pony.

-seeing things on said xmas lists that you have already bought is a ticket to smugsville.

-thinking about taking meat out of the freezer for dinner is not the same as actually taking it out.

-a new and working dishwasher brings much joy

-when the weather swings from a top temp of 16 degrees on Wednesday to a top temp of 32 degrees on Saturday of the same week you know you are living in Melbourne.


-you are not the only one who thinks pageant queens is a good dress up for a "Bad Taste" party.

So what do you know?

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