Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Revolution

Resolutions abound! Can I have your attention for just a little minute? I want to share some good ones.

-Feed your body. Feed it real, healthy food that makes you feel vibrant and well.

-Move your body. Find a way to exercise that you enjoy be it jogging, yoga, weights, equestrian or whatever.

-Clothe your body. Find great clothes that are comfortable that you like to wear.

-Go to the beach more, ask out the person you like, have lots of sex, shave your head, get a tattoo, apply for a new job or whatever it is that you have been putting off.

Now what if you take weight loss out of the equation? Because most of these resolutions are related to people wanting to drop weight. What if you could do all these things and be a healthy, happy person at the weight you are now? The weight cycling industry makes billions of dollars out of diets and shakes and plans and frozen meals and pills every year. And they create repeat business because after losing the weight there is a 95% chance you will put it back on-with interest!

Imagine the revolution we could start if we opted out of all of that? If we saved the money and cut out the body snark and policing.

Those points above can still be your goals. And they can be free from shame and weigh ins and failure. You could just treat your body like a temple and feel awesome.
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