Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I know about Things I know

Hi all and welcome to the Things I know link up. It's not too late to play along! Write your own Things I Know post and include a link back to me and link it up below. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

In this second last week of hosting the Things I know link up I'm going talk about the linkup itself.

The Things I know about Things I know are-

-Things I Know will live on! Next week I will host it for the last time and then the lovely Kellie from The Good, The Bad and The Unnecessary will take it over. I'll probably still link up most weeks!

-people have loved writing for an open ended meme. I have read all manner of topics and styles of posts that have linked up

-I have laughed and cried and even rolled my eyes at posts on occasion.

-the most popular Things I know post ever was the one about Harper. Probably because she makes cool faces like this.

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-sometimes I write the posts well in advance or have topics carefully planned out and other times (like this morning) I wake up and go SHIT IT'S FRIDAY and quickly bang a post together.

-I love that hosting this has led me to awesome blogs I may not have read otherwise

So what do you know?

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