Saturday, December 24, 2011

Things I Know about xmas at my place

Happy Friday! I'm joining in with Kellie at The Good, The Bad and The Unnecessary for Things I Know. I know you should too.

This week I'm telling you what I know about Xmas at our place. I've talked about how we love xmas at my place before and the Things I know about xmas at our place this year are-

-the leg of ham gets lovingly carried around from the fridge to the table often, and also gets patted like a baby

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-my last minute decision to buy the girls a dolls house for their Barbies was not met with joy from Luke who had to put it together and hide it

-having a house around the corner with AMAZING xmas lights means lots of late night family walks with Daisy to see them

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-very warm weather and outdoor catch ups with dear friends makes me  homesick. As does the song *sob*

-the excitement of counting down until xmas day affects everyone at our place.

-the kids have already asked and been told the truth about santa claus. But they still love playing the game and pretending that it's all real. And I love playing along.

I'm hoping that you all have a great time over these holidays and however you celebrate or not is enjoyed by all!
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