Friday, December 2, 2011

Things I Know

Good morning Know-it-alls and happy Friday! If you want to play along write your own Things I Know post, include a link back to me and link it up below.

This linkup has almost run it's course for me so after this week I'm only hosting two more then I'm going to put this baby to bed. So make sure you get involved in these last three Things I Know linkups! It's been awesome to have so many people who have supported this and so many awesome posts linked up. I'll miss it but it's time.

Anyhoo the Things I Know this week are-

-sometimes your body forgets that you are 32 and gives you a big PMS pimple break out. It is not a welcome occurrence.

-when your child is passionate about a topic and wants to find out more you will soon also become an expert on said topic.

-a raspberry vine in fruit right alongside the washing line is a big distraction and makes hanging out the washing a much more delicious job

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-kids make playscenes anywhere they can

-nothing makes me more homesick than wearing a jumper on the first day of summer

-never underestimate the super powers of a good coffee

So what do you know?

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