Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reveiw of some kid friendly movies at IMAX Melbourne

We've been to see a couple of movies at IMAX Melbourne museum these holidays. Going to the cinema is a rare treat for us as we have kids who can be pretty sensitive to noise and themes in movies so we tend to go to the drive in or wait for DVD. The added bonus of it being at the museum was that Harper & Willow got to hang out with someone else and have a fun day while Tannah and I saw a movie.

IMAX Melbourne boasts the 3rd largest screen in the world and the biggest 3D experience in Australia. I'm a recent convert to 3D after rolling my eyes at it for a while-now I love it! The kids love the extra novelty of the glasses too

I cannot say enough nice things about the staff either. When we went to see Happy Feet 2 it was Willow's first cinema movie. She is particularly sensitive to visual and audio stuff and gets overwhelmed and frightened very easily. I kept Luke on stand-by at the museum to see how she coped. About 10 minutes in she was asking to go and be with him. I took both girls outside to the foyer and called him. I had 2 lovely young staff members come and ask if we were OK and offered Willow a drink of water. Though she wasn't upset they fussed over her and when she was safely off with her dad they opened the back door and showed us back to our seats. When we went and saw Born To Be Wild we were running a bit late and they let me take 3 kids in the disabled entry as to not disturb anyone and to make my life easy.

The first film we saw was Happy feet 2

Tannah and I both really enjoyed this film. It's easily as good as the original with the same entertaining all singing and dancing fun with conservation undertones. Robin William and Elijah Wood appear again with Pink now playing the role of Gloria-which Tannah was stoked about. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon voice "Bill and Will Krill" who are hilarious and really make the movie.  Hank Azaria is perfect as "The Mighty Sven".
The movie was not scary for little ones and the singing and dancing would hold their attention and there is enough in the story and comic relief for the adults. Highly recommended!

The second film we saw was Born To Be Wild

I cannot recommend this touching and inspiring documentary enough! It is only showing at IMAX 3D but well worth making the effort to see. Morgan Freeman narrates the film about orphaned elephant and orangutan babies being rescued and raised to be released back into the wild.  For Tannah, who is very concerned about endangered animals and the effect things like palm oil and poaching is having on them this documentary kept her spellbound. I also had the pleasure of taking the 2 oldest Picklebums with us and at 8 years old they enjoyed it too. The 3D was amazing! At one stage I was sitting next to 3 girls who were all trying to reach out and touch the orangutan that seemed to be only inches away. This film did keep me misty eyed and a bit teary but also reminded me why we do try to boycott palm oil products.

So if you need something to do or want to escape the heat why not go to IMAX and see a movie?

Disclaimer-I was given complimentary tickets to see both of these movies courtesy of IMAX Melbourne but was not paid for this post and all views and opinions are my own
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