Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When routine came to town


I've blogged about my Harper Bliss before and how I love her just as she is. We are trying to make life a little easier for our little firecracker by putting some predictable routines in place.

Harper really struggles with changing from one thing to the next and unexpected setbacks can send her into a rage. It's taken me a long tome to realize this and I need to get better at being predictable and giving her plenty of warning before we move onto the next thing.

For example, last night's hour long screaming rage may have been avoided if I had gone outside and told Harper face to face that we were putting our pj's on and leaving our friend's place in 5 minutes rather than just shouting it from the back window to everyone. Lesson learned.

We have started a morning and evening routine. Routine and structure is not something that comes naturally to me, but these times of day are the worst for everyone so we are giving it a go. Harper seems to be MUCH happier to wash her face and get dressed if she knows it's coming. I'm hoping some visual cue cards might help even more.

Can this structure fit into a free-range life? I think it can. I think part of being a good parent is realizing that all of your kids are different and may need different things and systems. We may have a deliberate rhythm but we are still not watching the clock and free time for play still dominates our day.

As for me I'm reading some books on spirited kids, chatting with people who's opinion I value and taking kid free time to recharge when I can!
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