Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grammar snobbery

It seems that every time I turn on the computer that someone is retweeting a douchebag who has said something like this

"you had me at your knowledge of the difference between your and you're LOL ROFLOCTOPUS"

I mean that is so hilarious because only good people with kind hearts who contribute to society are grammatically correct at all times right?

The internet is not just for people who use twitter as a platform for their half finished novel or someone doing their PHD in "something that will never get me a job" or hipsters who make fun of everyone.

By all means have good grammar and use spellcheck. GO NUTS. But please stop looking down your noses at someone for whom these things are not high on their list of what's important.

Ooh touchy touchy you say? Why do I care?

I happen to be married to a fantastic man who is a great husband, amazing father and brings home a lot more bacon than most uni graduates. He is funny, kind and generous.

But I would say that he might *gasp* misplace an apostrophe from time to time and his spelling isn't great. I take offense that some people might like to joke that he is some kind of second class citizen because he didn't get an A+ in English class.

Grammar snobbery isn't cool internet.
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